Addressing the Need (and the WHY) for Long-Term Care Insurance

Nearly everyone has a caregiving story; the need for long-term care affects almost all Americans at some point. Ours is why we got into the long-term care insurance industry. Discussing these personal stories with clients can shed light on how long-term care insurance can help.

Back in the 1990s, Jack's mom (Grandma Liz) was diagnosed with Parkinson's and needed around-the-clock care. The cost of care in addition to the lack of care coordination forced our family to sell her house and move her into a nursing facility.

Jack and Diana were young parents with small children and an aging mother to care for -- plus a business to run! Like so many other Americans, they were stressed-out caregivers trying to make ends meet.

The environment at the MediCal facility our grandma ended up in was far from ideal. However, it is not lost on us that we were more fortunate than most -- being able to rely on skilled workers to care for Grandma Liz rather than her son and daughter-in-law having to care for her for 24 hours a day. This allowed Jack and Diana to run and build the business we all know today (oh, and also to raise us!).

On the one hand, caregiving, while an essential and selfless act, is challenging and can change relationships between those who are family. On the other hand, sending your loved one to a nursing home may not be your favorite choice either. According to a very recent study, "42% of all COVID-19 deaths have taken place in nursing homes and assisted living facilities." LTCi gives people the choice to receive professional care at home.

There's no cut-and-dry solution here. That's where starting these conversations with clients comes in -- to figure out what's best for their situation. What long-term care insurance can do for folks is give them more autonomy over their fate when they need care. And being able to stay at home with a hired skilled homecare worker versus having to move to a nursing home or assisted living facility can mean all the difference.