Advice from the Council for Disability Awareness's Blog

It's open enrollment season, so many folks have health insurance on the brain. Why not take advantage of this seasonality by incorporating the importance of disability insurance, too?

If you're in need of some inspiration, the Council for Disability Awareness publishes insightful, data-driven articles that will get your DI gears going.

For example, in "Why Disability Insurance Matters," Carol Harnett delves into the concept of risk and why offering employer paid disability insurance can prevent tough decisions for a business owner. She quotes Dick Mucci, the president of the Group Protection Business at Lincoln Financial Group:

"I’ve spent all but two years of my career working in disability insurance. I’ve never understood how an employer can in good conscience terminate an employee who cannot return to work due to an illness or injury without having long-term disability coverage in place for them."

Once you're having the group DI conversation with an employer, the CDA article "Educating Employees About Disability Insurance? Ask Them 5 Questions" can be helpful for explaining how disability insurance works to employees.

We encourage you to explore the rest of their blog for more inspiration and helpful tips. Let us know what you find!