Comparing Rates: A Deep Dive

We're in the midst of a fire sale. Protector Essential and Protector Platinum can be applied for through the end of January -- that's it! Why is this important?

Protector Essential is a "your occ" policy with partial built in. It can pay a benefit to age 65 when you are, due to eligible disability, unable to work in your occupation and are not working elsewhere. For those who continue to work but suffer an income loss due to disability, there is a partial benefit. No prior total disability is required for the partial benefit. A 20% loss triggers the proportional benefit.

This product is a bargain! It is not only for those who need lower rates due to income or occupation class. We have sold most of these bargain policies to business owners who are over age 45. People over age 45 might pay double the rate of a 30-year-old, but they still have 20+ years of income to protect. They also might have the most to lose when disabled: peak earnings, spouse, kids getting ready for college, new home, second home, family vacations, multiple vehicles, etc.

A bargain product is a welcome choice for people with families and/or businesses -- people who are in the accumulation period of life. They may have more money than others, but they still want to spend it wisely.

Check out the attached PDF to compare rates. The image shows multiple benefit structures that play around with shorter and longer waiting periods and benefit periods. These rates aren't guaranteed -- they simply give an idea of what kind of premium to expect for what kind of coverage.

Sell this product using simplified underwriting and the DINGO application to make it as easy as possible for your client. Get your quotes in now for Protector Essential and Protector Platinum before Platinum Advantage replaces both after January 31st!