The Final Step: Illustration Review

Now that you’ve identified a potential prospect and gathered quote information with this handy LTC quick-quoter, addressed the need for long-term care insurance, discussed LTC statistics, described how long-term care services and support actually work, explained the cost of those services, and offered strategies and solutions for implementing a long-term care insurance plan, it’s time to finally present a solution to your client.

A seven-step selling process may seem daunting at first, but if getting people covered with long-term care insurance was easy, everyone would do it. We’re talking about peoples’ entire futures here, not which video streaming app to commit to for the next month. Most potential customers need to learn the who, what, when, why, and how of long-term care insurance before even thinking about signing an application.

The good news is: we’re here to help you throughout the dialogue. That's why we created the below interactive LTC planning worksheet. By gathering this information throughout communication with your client, you can better paint a picture of how long-term care insurance will help their specific future plans. At this point, the client should have a good idea of the importance of LTCi and you'll be able to review the illustrations together to pare down exact benefit structures and premiums that work for them.