Human API: What You Need to Know

What Is It?

You may have recently heard about Human API. According to Mutual of Omaha’s FAQ sheet:

“Human API is a health technology company that gives consumers a simple way to retrieve and share their EHR data with the businesses that need them. Rather than rely on manual processes that involve phone calls, faxing, or mailing, Human API retrieves medical records digitally, from each person's patient portals.”

Who’s Participating?

So far, Principal, The Standard, and Mutual of Omaha are all able to use Human API to obtain medical records for DI, LTC, and Life products.

Principal uses Human API “for select cases where we need clients’ medical history.”

The Standard uses Human API for applications above a $10,000/mo benefit that require medical records (basically, apps that are not Simplified Underwriting).

Mutual of Omaha uses Human API for: MutualCare® Custom and MutualCare® Secure, Term Life Answers®, Income Advantage℠ IUL, Life Protection Advantage℠ IUL and AccumUL Answers℠.

Why Does It Matter?

The main purpose of utilizing Human API is to speed up the application process.

The Standard states that, “Using Human API can help:

  • Decrease time-to-issue and improve placement rates

  • Reduce back-and-forth conversations with clients

  • Deliver a seamless online application experience.”

How Does the Process Go?

It’s simple. According to The Standard:

“Clients will receive an email with a unique link to the Human API website. They’ll enter the usernames and passwords for their provider patient portals. Then the system will transfer their records to The Standard for underwriting review. The entire process takes only a few minutes.”

Participation is completely optional. The client may ignore the email prompt and the carrier will go the traditional route to obtain medical records. Let us know if you have any questions.




Mutual of Omaha: