Income Protection for Life

We added the tagline “Income Protection for Life” after we introduced long-term care insurance to our portfolio in 1991. Our DI products protect potential earned income during the years we are working in our careers. Long-term care insurance provides an income source to pay for expenses we may occur late in life, which may deplete the assets we have invested to create our retirement income. DI and LTC insurance products, together, can provide income protection during your entire lifetime, hence, income protection for life. But why? Our vision of “income protection for life” doesn’t address the “why.” Who will be positively impacted by achieving this mission? Well, there is a fairly decent commission for the broker, and that could be your reason, but the money isn’t an issue if your “why” incorporates your life’s passions. We like people and socializing. We enjoy being knowledgeable and competent advisors. We enjoy winning, exceeding our goals, and making a difference. We enjoy music, art, architecture, travel, and education. We have a certain idea of where our home should be and what it will look like. This is our style. Our lifestyle. Your clients have a style. When the low frequency, high impact event called a disability occurs, it affects your client’s lifestyle. In addition to lifestyle, which is full of passions, there are big and little people who are our most important passions. They are our loved ones. Love is the ultimate motivator. We have dreams and desires for our loved ones. We want the best for them. We don’t want to be a burden to them. They are the ultimate reason why. They are why we buy and sell income protection products. Our new vision is: Income Protection for Life. For Lifestyle. For Love.