November Is Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month

We hope you've been able to take advantage of this year's Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month--whether that means honing your knowledge on today's available policies, checking in with existing clients (feel free to revisit our LTC rate increases resource for those tough conversations), or reaching out to potential new LTCi purchasers. Have you had any LTC conversations this month?

As November comes to a close, our work is just getting started. The holidays can be a most productive time for continuing the conversation of retirement planning and maintaining one's nest egg by having a long-term care insurance plan in place.

Most of your clients will be reuniting with adult children (or vice versa) for the holidays and these topics might already be in the back of their minds.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

  • "Someone turning age 65 today has almost a 70% chance of needing some type of long-term care services and supports in their remaining years

  • Women need care long (3.7 years) than men (2.2 years)

  • 1/3 of today's 65-year-olds may never need long-term care support, but 20% will need it for longer than 5 years."

These stats will help to start the LTC conversation--but how do you conduct a long-term care insurance dialogue? We've created an LTC Planning Worksheet that has all the questions you need to ask a client who's considering long-term care insurance. We even made a fillable PDF version for the folks who prefer email communication. We'd love to hear if this worksheet has proven to be helpful.