Our 3 First Principles of Business

I recently heard on a podcast that it's bad business if you don't have your company's first principles committed not just to memory, but on your heart. It made me think about what we stand for at DI+LTC. Before I realized it, I was jotting down ideals that we already embody, and some that are always worth striving for. Keep reading to see if they're a fit with your own values. Family + All our cohorts know we are a family agency and we strive to build a family with our agent network as well. Most of our producing agents have been with us for decades. Even those who have only worked with us for a few years understand that by working with us, they are entering a family dynamic that will support them in any way possible. + Strong communication skills are required in any functional family dynamic. We need to make sure we are speaking candidly, responsibly, personably, and with a sharp sense of self-awareness. + Just like with your own family, we take joy in sharing teachable moments with our family of advisors. Education is our favorite thing to do, and you'll always find a willing participant at the end of the phone line to assist with your questions. Independence + As a family unit, we put each other first. And that philosophy works best if we can adapt and evolve as an independent unit. We are never chained to one carrier or one solution. We always seek an objective truth, and in doing so we believe we can provide the best solutions available for your clients in the broader disability marketplace. + Furthermore, we respect the independence of our agents. Of course, we root for our agents to stick with us through the tough cases and the simplified ones. However, we never hold anyone hostage in a carrier arrangement. You can come and go as you please, but we have confidence (and the hope!) that you'll decide to stay and sell more DI and LTC policies with us. Value + We are one of very few offices in the country that have the extensive experience and product knowledge in our niche product lines, DI and LTC. And when we don't have an answer off the top of our head, we certainly have the resources to get it figured out as soon as humanly possible. + Half of our agency is comprised of Millennials. That means we have our sights set on the future and we are dumping resources into innovative new ways to make writing disability and long-term care easier for you and your applicants. Our digital dropticket, DINGO, is just the beginning. + Our goal is for you to walk away better after every single interaction with us. We want you to learn something every time you call or email, whether it's an answer to a client question, a new sales strategy, contract review, claims statistics, or just a status update. We want to keep you engaged and arm you with the right tools to be the best DI+LTC resource you can possibly be. We can't wait to show off these first principles with you in our next interaction. Request a quote today.