We Are Your Buffer System

by Maxwell Schmitz Buffer. Have you ever tried to watch a video that wouldn't load? How about a movie? Yes? Then you know the feeling of working with a general agent who is not an expert in DI or LTC. A good general agent is one that will right away spot the delays, hangups, and snags. It might seem like a little extra work up-front, but I would rather wait 10 seconds for a video to load rather than hit play and deal with a new interruption every 30 seconds. A good general agent will do the heavy lifting while the advisor and the client sit back and seamlessly go through the basic motions of applying for an important piece of their financial plan. In the meantime, we, the general agent, are working hard behind the scenes to pre-qualify the case, prepare the apps, process the requirements, and negotiate with underwriting to get the highest quality product to the consumer with minimal interruption. Next time you reach out, please remember that we are your buffer system. Our role is to absorb the case data and cross-check that against our experience and insight in an effort to navigate the (sometimes) rigid carrier channels that carry your case across the finish line. Thanks for your inquiries, your business, and most of all--your continued partnership.