Who Do You Want Talking to Your Client About Disability Insurance?

You have clients. They trust you to help them with their financial planning and insurance decisions. So who do you want talking to them about the need for disability insurance? More importantly, who do they want to talk to about it? This isn’t a trick question. Let’s work through the options:

1) Since they’re your clients, the obvious first answer would be for you to have the DI discussion with them. But what if you’re not up on your DI game at the moment, and not comfortable discussing the products with them? Well, we can help you become more confident with talking about the need for income protection and the products available by arming you with marketing materials—direct-to-consumer flyers, marketing pieces, research studies, videos, etc. We are your marketing agency (when it comes to DI and LTC).

2) We can talk to them for you. Like any good organization, we wear many hats depending on what’s needed of us. While we can be your marketing agency, we also pride ourselves as the broker’s broker. When you have interested clients (or just clients you know would benefit from DI), and you don’t feel comfortable getting into detail about the product, we’re here for you. We have in-house DI specialists (you’d hope so with a name like DI + LTC, right?) that are licensed and ready to get your client the information (and the application) they need.

The last two choices are no-no no-brainers:

3) Leaving the discussion to a competitor—we all know how competitive this industry is, and we all know that’s not gonna fly.

4) Your client not getting the DI discussion at all. This leaves them vulnerable to a potentially resource-draining, life-changing disabling event without income insurance to help. We’re not into scare tactics here. It’s the simple truth.

So, what’ll it be? Work with us, and we’ll work with you to close the gap in your client’s financial plan. Here are your three options when working with DI + LTC:


o For the casual DI / LTC producer

o Split first-year commission

o We direct the whole sale

o 1-5 cases a year


o For the DI or LTC “expert” dedicated to those product lines

o Top-tier compensation for the best in the business


o For the DI + LTC marketer

o We’ll help you cross-sell to your existing book by using a full-stack marketing campaign across mail, email, and social.

A marketing flyer that describes the three tiers of business we can do together: 1) Referral, 1-5 cases a year, 2) Brokerage, for dedicated DI and LTC advisors, 3) Enterprise, for the DI + LTC marketer.
Boost your brand. Market with us. Tier 1) Referral, Tier 2) Brokerage, Tier 3) Enterprise