XDI + LTD: The Full Package

A venn diagram showing how XDI contains the best features of both LTD and IDI.
XDI: The Best of Both Worlds

So you’ve come across a business owner who wants to offer a better employee benefits package. They understand the need to offer group health insurance and retirement matching in order to attract and retain valuable employees. You know they have highly compensated workers, so you explain Guarantee Standard Issue alongside your normal suggestion of group long-term disability insurance.

Combining Group LTD with XDI at the get-go creates a comprehensive employer-paid income protection plan for those employees with executive salaries. And by offering GSI through the workplace, your clients can unlock deep discounts with no medical and limited financial underwriting—benefits employees would be unable to access on their own.

Now that we’ve talked up GSI so much, we’ll let you in on one product’s plan features:

Discounts and gender-neutral rates

  • Typically a 35% discount on unisex rates guaranteed for the life of the policy

Strong partial disability benefit

  • No loss of income is needed to be eligible for full basic monthly benefits during the first six months of partial disability, after the waiting period

Annual benefit increase

  • Optional coverage increases on each plan anniversary as employees’ salaries grow, with no underwriting

Fewer limits

  • There are no limitations for disabilities stemming from pre-existing conditions or mental disorder/substance abuse

No offsets

  • At the time of claim, benefits will not be offset by other benefits, such as legislated or other insurance benefits

Own occupation rider

  • If an employer selects this rider, benefits will be paid if the employee is disabled in their regular occupation, even if working in another occupation

Noncancelable rider

  • If an employer selects this rider, the premium cannot be changed until the termination date

100% portable

  • Employees own their policy and can continue the policy, with any discount, if they leave their work

These are some amazing policy features! Plus, should employees suffer a disabling event, they can expect seamless service—with one claims analyst for both the LTD and GSI claims. Offer your clients a complete and cost-effective solution all at once with Group LTD + XDI.