You Are an Agent of Change

by Maxwell Schmitz Agency. It's a term borrowed across many sectors: sports agency, advertising agency, adoption agency, and (my favorite oxymoron) government intelligence agency. We throw this word around all the time in the insurance business. "I run an insurance agency." "I'm an insurance agent." "I work with a great general agency." In this context, the word "agency" is a meaningless portion of a bigger phrase. Three syllables that aren't used to describe anything. Time to examine the roots. An agency is an organization that provides a service, typically conducted by agent. An agent is an individual actor who provides that service in a way that will ultimately affect change. Wow. You, reading this, have the potential to act as an agent in any capacity. As an insurance agent, you have a more specified role to affect change in your clients' insurance plan. Unfortunately, too often, unforeseen circumstances arise that result in someone using their insurance coverage. That's when the most change is affected. That's when it comes down to the difference between providing the income necessary to put food on the table, or going hungry. Disability agents affect great change. And by the way, we have a role too, as a general agent. At the risk of sounding redundant, as a general agent, it is our job to affect change among our network of agents. We get to inspire, educate, strategize, illustrate, coordinate, and process thousands of disability plans alongside the true agents of change: you, the insurance agent. LIMRA study after LIMRA study has detailed the lack of awareness around insurance planning, especially income protection. The only thing we need to do is make sure the client has been asked one simple question: "If you were too sick or injured to go to work tomorrow, how would you pay the bills next month, next year, in five years?" Not everyone gets to have an occupation where they go out each day and can take pride in the fact that they have the privilege to work as a positive agent for change. So dust off your boots, get out there, and keep changing the world!