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Helping you insure your client's future net worth.

Are you an insurance or financial professional who is done:

- Competing on price,
- Spreadsheeting all the options,
- Trying to be best friends with clients,
- Manipulating clients into conversations?

Your Client-Facing Wholesaler

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Family benefits protect families from the financial pitfalls of an unexpected death, injury, or illness.

We are third-generation income protection experts specializing in:

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Because your client's most valuable asset is their 


White glove or hands-off, our senior advisor works with you to present the best income protection solutions to your client via email or video call. Need a DI refresher or marketing pieces? We've got resources. You can be the objective third party while we answer any client questions, or we can help you be a DI guru, too.


Once a client is ready to move forward, our case manager jumps into gear to assist you and the client in filling out an application. With any solution, we can send the app digitally for completion in just minutes, or we can send it the old-fashioned way, via PDF. (Or via paper, if you insist. There is a fax machine in here somewhere!).


Our experienced case manager, who will continue to update you on application and underwriting progress, will work tirelessly to get the case through. You'll receive updates as they come in and once the case is in force, our in-force specialist will correspond with you as needed.


Ready to insure your clients' financial plans?

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