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In 1978, John Schmitz hoped to see his newly-founded health and disability insurance brokerage become a regional empire, yet the powers that be had different plans. Soon after he convinced his (reluctant) state park employee son Jack to work with him, John was collecting on his own disability insurance policy before dying of heart disease.

The story could’ve ended there, yet Jack felt a personal responsibility to keep the business going. Thankfully, he met Diana, an uncompromising insurance underwriter, who left her job to work with him (keyword here is “with,” not “for”). Together, they worked hard to build a successful mom-and-pop insurance agency.

They could’ve sold out and ran off into the sunset, yet health issues gained a foothold. Jack ended up using his critical illness policy after surviving a heart attack (and started allocating tasks to his adult children, Max and Emma). Then Diana, who it seemed our customers called just to talk to, had to leave the business on disability after a lung disease diagnosis (that’s where Patrick and Laura really stepped in).

As a third-generation family business, we strive to streamline processes and leverage our creative vision to connect with our audience. Simplification is key—that’s why we built an e-application for each product. Thought leadership runs deep in our veins, evident by our decades-long participation in NAIFA, serving on the Field Advisory Board, and position as a top MGA in the industry.

Compassion is essential to our core; the subjects of disability and illness are not to be taken lightly. We are empathetic human beings just like you. And our independence is what sets us apart—as a carrier-agnostic agency, we get your clients covered with the right products for their situation.

Your client works hard for their income and they need a plan to keep it if they get sick or injured. Modern medicine will likely let someone keep their life; insurance can help them keep their livelihood. Here’s to being prepared—for all the “yets” in life.

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