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who we are


We are a family-owned general agency dedicated to helping insurance and financial advisors secure the best available disability income and long-term care solutions for their clients. For forty years, we've worked with dozens of the top carriers in the industry. That means you'll always be able to access the best options for your clients' income security needs. Our independence is what sets us apart; we get your clients covered with the right solutions for their financial situation.


As third-generation income protection specialists, we strive to streamline processes and leverage our creative vision to connect with our audience. Simplification is key—that’s why we were the first general agency to adopt a drop-ticket e-application for each solution. Thought leadership runs deep in our veins, evident by our decades-long participation in NAIFA and The Plus Group, serving on the Field Advisory Board, and position as a top MGA in the industry.


Compassion is essential to our core; the subjects of disability and illness are not to be taken lightly. We are empathetic human beings just like you, and we have a four-decades-long reputation for sticking around for the life of a policy. Your client works hard for their income and they need a plan to keep it if they get sick or injured. Modern medicine will likely let someone keep their life; insurance can help them keep their livelihood. Here’s to being prepared—for all the “yets” in life.

A single eucalyptus tree on a hill, representing our independence as an insurance brokerage.
A wet, green eucalyptus forest with bark peeling off the trees, kind of like how we are constantly stripping away at old systems to make getting insurance easier.
A toddler in a forest next to wood rounds and an axe. We are family people - this kiddo here is fourth generation in the family business!

what people say

"We are so blessed to have found you guys, everyone at Yetworth is fabulous to work with and we appreciate everything you do for us and our clients!  We couldn’t do it with out your team!" - E.L., 4/8/21


Your ‘above-and-beyond’ efforts are much appreciated!” - B.M., 2/18/21

"Patrick and staff are great to work with." - A.C., 2/18/21

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