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We work with you to protect your clients' well-built financial plans. Your client works hard for their income and they need a plan to keep it if they get sick or injured. Modern medicine will likely let someone keep their life; insurance can help them keep their livelihood. Here’s to being prepared—for all the “yets” in life.

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types of coverage

DISABILITY INCOME insurance protects your client's livelihood in the wake of a disabling illness or injury.

This type of coverage prevents people from going bankrupt or losing their homes and other expensive necessities in the event of a disabling illness or injury. Chances are you've already helped them protect their lives, their investments, or their medical needs with other insurance solutions. It's time to protect their future potential earnings by fortifying their income stream with disability insurance. Individual DI policies have the unique ability to cover someone on and off the job, 24-hour coverage, unlike workers' compensation. IDI benefits may be payable for both Total and Partial Disabilities. That means most clients don't need to be bedridden in order to access benefits, but simply need to show that they are less effective in their occupation. This is a significant difference from most Group LTD plans and Social Security Disability, which have much stricter definitions and harsher requirements. Disabling illness and injury is the leading cause of career cessation or interruption. Individual disability insurance is the best way to protect an income stream against that event.

LONG-TERM CARE insurance protects your clients' retirement savings.

If your client plans to live to age 65, then that individual can plan on a 70% chance of using long-term care services. Most everyone's lifespan is longer than their healthspan, and the probability that a person will also act as a caregiver at some point in retirement is also higher than ever. Your job is to make sure your clients are financially prepared for that endeavor. From tax-qualified, traditional long-term care insurance to hybrid life/LTC benefit plans, we can help you determine what type of solution will work best for an individual client's financial situation.

CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE is designed to cover someone who is diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness, like cancer, heart attack, or stroke.

Critical illness is a great alternative to Individual Disability Insurance when you are working with someone who works less than 30 hours per week, has an uninsurable occupation, or who has already maxed out their DI coverage. It can also help to cover a high health insurance deductible. CI is designed to pay out a lump-sum upon proof of diagnosis from the physician responsible for the care. It's that simple.