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income protection for life

We specialize in...

  • disability insurance

  • long-term care insurance

  • and critical illness coverage you don't have to.

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We work with you to protect your clients' well-built financial plans. Your client works hard for their income and they need a plan to keep it if they get sick or injured. Modern medicine will likely let someone keep their life; insurance can help them keep their livelihood. Here’s to being prepared—for all the “yets” in life.

our process


  • targeted prospecting
  • shareable content
  • co-branded campaigns
  • contract analysis
  • sales strategies


  • prequalifications
  • quick quotes
  • plan recommendation
  • presentation help
  • product comparisons


  • in-person, by mail, via phone, or electronically
  • use our in-house e-app for all CI, DI, or LTC products


  • timely updates for submitted apps
  • status reports for in-force business
  • continued correspondence


  • policies issued electronically
  • or by mail


  • benefit reviews
  • policy notices
  • benefit changes
  • increase opportunities
  • and more

types of coverage

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