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DI & LTC Is Now Yetworth Insurance Solutions

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Bay Area Disability Insurance Services was founded in 1978 with the mission of helping life insurance agents write and develop their book of disability insurance.

In the many years since our founding, the insurance and planning landscape has changed dramatically.

We’ve seen stock market crashes, housing bubbles, high inflation, stagflation, and recessions. Regulatory frameworks like Glass Steagle, Dodd Frank, and fiduciary standards have dissolved or taken shape. Industry and trade associations were borne or abandoned, or they’ve changed their focus to keep up with the landscape.

We have changed, too.

We broadened our initial focus, disability insurance, to include health insurance in the early 1980s, until we lost our founder and pivoted back to DI. Then, our focus expanded to include post-retirement disability coverage—long-term care insurance—following a family experience that left us deeply aware of the needs for proper planning in this space.

This expansion in services led to a rebranding campaign which resulted in a new name back in 2000, DI & LTC Insurance Services.

These two undersold lines of coverage, disability income and long-term care, are still our primary lines of coverage. However, we’ve waded into critical illness coverage and life insurance as hybrids have become a more and more important tool for planning against disability.

We’re not the only ones who have evaluated and evolved operations. Many of our retail partners, formerly known as insurance agents, have become fee-based or fee-only planners. This broadened focus allows the life insurance agents of yesteryear to deliver multiple solutions to their clients by way of insurance, investments, planning, and even benefit review services.

As we continue to serve these advisors in their new capacity, we have been asked to become more involved at the client level. Advisors’ priorities change: they are less inclined to complete education outside of their specialty and therefore outsource many components of the insurance planning process.

Thus, our current model incorporates the wholesale expertise of DI & LTC Insurance Services with an evolved role as a partner for client presentations, a technology innovator, and an emerging voice for our industry.

We realized it was time to step into an era of renewal with a brand that represents our higher purpose: to insure your clients’ potential, their future net worth, their YetWorth.


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