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Planting the Seed: 20 Ways to Preserve Your Yetworth®

by Maxwell and Emma Schmitz

Do your clients have disability income plans? Planting the Seed: 20 Ways to Preserve Your Yetworth® informs and illustrates twenty real-life options for funding lifestyles and livelihoods when a person who relies on a steady income can't work anymore.

Created by third-generation disability insurance specialist Maxwell Schmitz and writer/editor/marketing professional Emma Schmitz, this ebook walks advisors through each option for their clients.

From the preface:

"Income needs are a basic part of any financial plan. While disability is one of the most common causes of a prolonged income interruption, many advisors tend to skip this part of the planning process.

The purpose of this extensive survey of potential income sources is twofold. The first is to help identify the available options for your client before a disability occurs. The second is to provide a further understanding of the pitfalls of an inadequate plan.

There are several avenues to explore within the disability conversation and any method you take can lead to a stronger relationship with your client.

Don’t shy away from the conversation. Your client will thank you in their greatest time of need."

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Planting the Seed 20 Ways to Preserve Your Yetworth
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