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How to Identify a Disability Insurance Candidate [Flowchart]

Do your prospects know if they could benefit from disability income coverage? Probably not.

If anything, maybe they have a group long-term disability policy through work, and maybe they think that will cover enough of their earned income to maintain their lifestyle in case of a long-term disabling illness or injury.

Most people don't know that Group LTD benefits can dwindle down to 40% of the insured's annual income after taxes (yes, it's usually taxable as income, if employer-paid). Getting taxed on disability benefits is the last thing your client needs while on claim. And that's just *one* disadvantage to relying only on Group LTD coverage (see flowchart for a longer list).

So how do you help prospects recognize their need for individual disability insurance? We've made the process easy by breaking it down into a simple flowchart. Use this with potential DI clients, and if they realize, "Yes, I am a DI candidate," let us know so we can help you get them adequately covered.

More of an auditory learner? Listen to the podcast walkthrough of the flowchart here.


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