On California's Future Long-Term Care Insurance Program

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

This article will continue to be updated with each new California Long-Term Care Taskforce Meeting facilitated by the CA Department of Insurance.

How Will California’s Long-Term Care Insurance Program Coordinate with Existing Resources?

The California Long-Term Care Task Force held its fourth meeting on October 21, 2021. Here’s a recap of preliminary key recommendations from prior meetings:

Prior Program Structure Recommendations
  • Front-end coverage

  • Targeted social assistance or vested social insurance

  • Social insurance (preferred to public assistance)

  • Consideration of other government LTSS programs such as those in Germany, Washington state, and France

Who Presented on What

In this meeting, the committee discussed how the new program will interact and coordinate with other public and private programs that concern long-term care.

Various organization or department representatives presented on what role their affiliated programs play in the long-term care services and supports industry. We heard from:

The committee then compared existing government long-term care programs from Germany, France, and Washington state. Consulting firm Oliver Wyman presented on each of these three programs to assess how any of the features could fit into a California plan (with California population demographics in mind).

Summary of Key Recommendations

The key takeaways from this meeting boil down to questionnaire results:

  1. “Views are mixed on an opt-out option for individuals with private LTC insurance (LTCi)

  2. Private LTCi pays first then statewide LTC insurance then Medi-Cal, with concurrent but non-duplicative payments

  3. Statewide LTC insurance should not factor into Medi-Cal eligibility

  4. Statewide LTC insurance program should integrate existing outreach, care coordination, and access to care programs”

More detail on these key takeaways in the image below.