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The New Dingo: The Most Streamlined Application Process for Your Client - Ever

If you’ve written business with us in the past year, then you know about our in-house drop-ticket system called Dingo. Combine the headache of fifty-page applications with an entrepreneurial spirit commonly found in the San Francisco Bay Area, and eventually, you’ll get a tech solution to help propel a slow-moving industry.

The concept for Dingo was sparked around five years ago when an agent had convinced a client to fill out an application. Usually a cause for celebration, right? Not according to the agent, who said, “I was honestly hoping for a ‘No’ because now I have to take an app!” He dreaded the disability insurance application process more than the client rejecting his sales efforts. As if selling insurance to cover illness or injury wasn’t challenging enough!

Fast-forward five years and we now have a working, digital system for disability and long-term care insurance applications that streamlines the process for clients and helps the agent get from step to step, too. We just launched our 2.0 version of Dingo and we’re so excited to share this technology with you.

Here are some reasons you’re going to want to use Dingo from here on out:

One E-App to Rule Them All

Yes, e-apps exist, but each carriers’ online application system is different, and each requires a unique login. Dingo is a simple, one-stop digital application platform that includes each of our top carriers’ disability insurance and long-term care insurance products.

Do It Digitally – on Your Time

Say goodbye to hours-long phone calls with clients to fill out application questions together. With Dingo, your client can complete an application on their own time. Plus, if they get interrupted, they can exit, and their information is saved for later.

No More 50 Page Apps

No one wants to scroll through fifty pages to fill out an insurance application. Period. We created a responsive design interface that hides any unnecessary question fields unless they’re relevant to your client (this is just for the application completion process – you and your client may both review the full, completed app at signing time).

Elevate Your Closing Rate

With Dingo, the MGA initiates the application process for the agent and client. That means benefit structure is pre-filled based on a proposal that’s already been vetted. You’ve already sold your client on the quote and you’re both on the same page as to what they’re applying for. Fewer steps for miscommunication lead to higher closing rates and more commission for you.

Changes Made Easy

You might understand by this time that we embrace change. If your client decides on a different benefit period length, benefit amount, or anything else needs to be changed before signing the application, they can go into their Dingo app to reflect those changes, which in turn populates a new DocuSign document for signing.

Curious to see how easy Dingo is? Try it out yourself in Demo mode here!


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