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What’s Up with the Plus Nut? Behind Building a Brand

A rebrand involves way more than just changing your name and colors. Branding only ends at visual identity. Like most worthwhile things in life, it starts with purpose which, as financial advisors and insurance professionals, you know all about.

A brand starts with purpose, people, and principles.

Last year, we noticed that our beloved brand, DI & LTC Insurance Services, wasn’t exactly meshing with our current purpose and core principles after twenty-odd years. Thank you, DI & LTC for your service. Enter: Yetworth Insurance Solutions. We’re not offering mere services; we have solutions to people’s problems. Solutions for you—the advisor—by providing coverage that protects your client’s well-built financial plan.

According to a 2020 financial survey, “57% of Americans give themselves a grade of A or B on their personal finance knowledge” and yet, “almost half of American adults indicate they can’t pay an unexpected $400 bill without having to take out a loan or sell something to do so.”

People hope to be prepared for the unexpected, but they need help or private insurance to make it happen. That’s where we come in. Our bottom line is to help advisors protect their client’s future potential earnings, their future net worth—their “yetworth,” if you will.

By positioning ourselves as: independent, visionary, and compassionate (our three core principles), we are the superheroes that shield the financial plans you so thoughtfully pieced together for your clients. You help them plan for funeral expenses or other potential catastrophes, college, tax season, babies, and retirement. We help you make sure those plans stay solid with coverage like disability income, critical illness, and long-term care insurance.

In Greek, “eucalyptus” means well-covered.

We’re hippies at heart, and the Schmitz family has collectively hiked almost all of the trails in the Bay Area. Besides redwoods, coastal pines, madrones, and oaks (oh my!), eucalyptus forests dot the landscape with their tall, twisting trunks and furry, peeling bark.

While not native to the region, they have thrived where they’ve been put and have covered the land quite well (get it?). We want your clients to be well-covered like a eucalyptus canopy on a coastal foggy morning. We understand that fires happen (and eucalyptus burns fast like pine)—but that’s what the acorns are for. A protective stash growing elsewhere for if/when things go awry.

Obvious investment symbolism aside, the eucalyptus acorn, or gum nut, specifically has a little plus sign on the top which represents our partnership with The Plus Group, as well as the positive gains one experiences when properly protected. We call it the “Plus Nut.” 😊

The potential value of savings isn’t just financial.

At the end of the day, insurance is about protecting against potential future risks. Disability insurance, income protection, income insurance, financial plan insurance—whatever you want to call it—protects against the potential risk of not being able to earn an income due to a prolonged illness or injury.

The thing with ability is that most of us take for granted what we have until we don’t anymore. Sometimes we take for granted the ability to pay the bills, get takeout for dinner, or simply put money away for retirement when there are no snafus with our monthly paycheck.

Chances are, your clients have a rainy day fund for immediate expenses: a few months’ worth of mortgage, groceries, utilities. But those savings should be staying put and earning compound interest within an investment portfolio or a high-performing savings account. Those funds are meant to continue to build exponentially so your client can retire, buy a house, start a business—whatever it is they haven’t done yet.

A working person’s savings carry a lot of potential value—financially and otherwise. The value of moving into your dream home. The value of being your own boss. The value of saying goodbye to the workforce! Income protection plans like disability insurance, critical illness, and long-term care insurance are ways to insure that potential—to ensure your clients reach their full potential.

Contact us to find out how our new brand can help you protect more of your client’s financial future.


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