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Who Doesn't Need Disability Insurance?

Do you think your job is to help people build wealth so they don't need disability

insurance? Let's take a look at what happens when someone taps into their retirement account during a disability event that prevents them from working and saving.

At age 50, this dentist has $3.5M saved but can't work for two years due to carpal

tunnel. During that time, $500k per year is taken from savings to pay for regular plus medical expenses.

Without the disability event, the dentist's investment would have surpassed $12.5M by age 65 -- but because they do not have adequate income protection, their retirement savings are cut nearly IN HALF with a loss of $6M.

Even someone with millions in the bank can lose a catastrophic amount

if they don't protect their Yetworth®. Learn more about preserving

future net worth with our free ebook:


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