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Are You a Family Benefits Advisor?

It can be really hard to explain what we do.

We’ve heard many catch phrases throughout the years, some good and some not-so-good. The one that makes most sense so far is income protection. But income protection is just the nut within the shell – it doesn’t encapsulate the context of what we do for people. It’s easier for other sectors of the insurance industry because they seem to have a common language for describing their fields within the industry.

For example:

  • Employee Benefits for those who sell life and health lines to businesses, or

  • Commercial Lines for those who sell property and casualty coverages to businesses, or

  • Personal Lines for those who sell property and casualty to individuals.

But what about those who sell life and health to individuals, like us? People who specialize in promoting, advising, selling, and implementing any of the following: Life Health Disability Critical illness Long-term care …or anything else that is governed by the state department of insurance “life and health” license.

We think the right phrase is Family Benefits. If your main goal is to protect families from the financial pitfalls of an unexpected death, injury, or illness, and you use a consultative approach to each case, then you might be a Family Benefits Advisor.

At least, that’s what we’d like to call ourselves.

How do you identify in this industry?


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